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Employment Law

Most employers wait until they have a problem with an employee or union before contacting an attorney. At Whitford Law Office LLC, in Salem, Oregon, we advise employers to address employment challenges and concerns proactively. Our attorneys will ensure you have adequate records to protect your business during any investigation, lawsuit, or inspection.

Fair Labor Standard Act Compliance

To ensure compliance with both state and federal wage and hour laws, it is important to understand the Fair Labor Standards Act, and Washington and Oregon state employment laws. These laws dictate regulations on overtime, rest breaks, comp time, travel time, exempt employees, termination, and other employee related issues. Whitford Law Offices LLC will review your business procedures to determine whether your practices comply with the law.

Discrimination and Retaliatory Discharge

Under an intricate web of state and federal laws, employees are protected against discrimination. Regulations such as the Family Medical Leave Act, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and various state and municipal laws and ordinances impose stringent requirements on employers. It is important to understand the legal requirements of your business to protect yourself from civil litigation. Lawyer Trent T. Whitford advises business owners on these requirements throughout the counties of Marion, Multnomah, Pierce, and King.

Employment Contracts and Handbooks

Carefully drafting employee contracts and handbooks protects your business from litigation and regulatory complaints. The drafting of these documents requires an attorney's skill and experience. Making a mistake in a contract or handbook can lead to costly disputes. Whitford Law Offices LLC will ensure your interests are covered while drafting and negotiating these documents.

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