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Labor Law

Washington and Oregon Labor Law Attorneys

Dealing with labor unions poses unique problems to employers. In addition to federal and state employee laws and regulations, you must also adhere to labor laws. Whitford Law Offices LLC , in Salem, Oregon, represents businesses dealing with labor union and labor disputes.

Lawyer Trent T. Whitford represents businesses in the counties of Marion, Multnomah, Pierce, King involved in:

  • Labor union contract negotiations
  • Union mergers
  • Employee grievances
  • Labor union arbitration
  • Union trust audits

National Labor Relations Board (NLRB)

You must comply with the National Labor Relation Act when handling relevant employee grievances. The NLRB is an independent federal agency granted the authority to enforce and ensure compliance with the Act. The attorneys of Whitford Law Offices LLC will review your business to ensure you comply with all requirements of the Act such as allowing employees to establish unions, and cooperating with any investigation about unfair labor practices. By creating adequate records and business procedures, our lawyers will have already begun to defend your business.

Labor Union Benefits Auditing

Every few years labor unions will conduct an audit of their members' employee benefits. In order to protect yourself from union demands for missed benefits, it is important to have thorough records and compliant benefit programs. Attorney Trent T. Whitford will represent you during benefit demand negotiations. We will strive to reduce the amount of money you must pay to employee benefits programs.

To find out how Whitford Law Offices LLC can represent you during labor disputes and negotiations, call (503) 365-8700 or fill the attached form .