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Employment Contracts

Salem Employment Contracts Attorney

Employee Handbook Drafting ▪ Employment Contracts ▪ Negotiation

When structuring a business, it is important to ensure that you have comprehensive employee handbooks that detail the guidelines, rules and regulations of the business. It is also essential that employment contracts be solidly created in order to minimize any future risks and potential problems. At Whitford Law Office LLC, in Salem, Oregon, we have extensive experience handling many different types of employment law issues, including the drafting of employee handbooks and employment contracts, on behalf of employers throughout Oregon and Washington.

Employment Handbooks

By working with your business to create a comprehensive handbook for your employees, we can help you to craft a resource that employees can reference when they have questions about the specifics of your business. Employee Handbooks also serve as a valuable tool in mitigating legal liability by establishing standards and expectations in the workplace that meet all state and federal regulations. Whitford Law Offices provides ongoing support of Employee Handbooks by providing clients policy changes and updates to ensure continued legal compliance.

Employment Contracts

When creating employment contracts, an employer must take steps to ensure that the contracts are comprehensive and legally binding. Our firm can assist you in creating standard contracts, along with noncompete agreements and other employment-related contracts, that ensure the future stability of your business. By drafting contracts that are well-worded and detailed, you can protect your business from employee issues that may arise. Our services for employment contracts include:

  • Drafting
  • Review
  • Negotiation

If an employee pushes back on a contract and wishes to negotiate before signing, our firm can step in and represent you until the situation is resolved.

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