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Business Training

Washington and Oregon Business & Sexual Harassment Training Lawyers

Leadership ▪ Drug Testing ▪ Sexual Harassment Training

To minimize risks associated with employee and union disputes, it is important to have a well-trained staff of supervisors, employee managers, human resource management personnel, and employees. At Whitford Law Office LLC , in Salem, Oregon, we train businesses in the areas of:

  • Sexual and workplace harassment
  • Drug testing
  • Leadership
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Other legal and human resource matters tailored to your specific needs

Sexual and Workplace Harassment

Given state and federal law, it is important to create a workplace environment free of harassment. Our attorneys tailor training to your business’s unique needs. We educate your supervisors and employees about sexual harassment, racial discrimination, grievance investigations, filing requirements, and methods of alternative dispute resolution. Attorney Trent T. Whitford has trained businesses located in counties such as Marion, Multnomah, Pierce, and King.

Drug Testing

To create a drug and alcohol-free environment at your business, we provide your supervisors and managers tools to recognize and properly respond to substance and alcohol abuse symptoms. As part of the training we also create drug-testing policies that comply with state and federal law.


Whitford Law Offices LLC can help you foster an environment that encourages leadership in your business. By educating supervisors and managers on the importance of communication, mentoring and serving as a role model, you help set standards for your employees. Our attorneys also demonstrate leadership skills necessary to deal with injuries, grievances, and disputes.

Regulatory Compliance

Employment and labor law regulations are constantly changing. It can be difficult for an employer to stay on top of new developments and understand how they impact their business. Whitford Law Offices eases this burden by creating up to date trainings on the newest legal development and regulatory requirements.

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